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National Paints

JNP Trading is proud to be the sole authorized dealer for National Paints in Qatar. JNP Trading has worked on multiple state-of-the-art projects in Qatar and have references available from valued clients. National Paints, located in the United Arab Emirates, is the mother company of Sayegh Group, established in 1969. With sales in 2014 of $514 million, National Paints ranks number one in the Middle East and Arab world in both sales and production, and is considered one of the pioneer paints companies of high quality standards in paints and respective raw materials.


The company owns fourteen paint factories and three resin plants worldwide and had originally started in Jordan then United Arab Emirates. The factory in Sharjah specializes in paints production of all kinds. Other similar factories were established in Qatar,  Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Oman, Romania, and Egypt. In addition to several showrooms in Lebanon, National Paints also exports to over 60 countries worldwide. Its products include:


• Building and decorative Emulsion Paints of high resistance to weather fluctuations as well as lead free oil paints.

• Outdoor decorative paints.

• Special Effect Paints.

• Protective Coatings.

• Furniture & Wood Finish Coatings.

•  Automotives Coatings.

• Marine Coatings.

• Powder Coating .

• Raw materials mainly Alkyd & Resin, Acrylics and Polyesters.

• PVC materials

• Isolation and protection materials as well as Epoxy Floor coatings.

•Special paints for hospitals, operation theaters and food industry as well as Special Hygiene products.

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