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Traffic Management

Here at JNP Trading, we offer a wide range of Traffic Management materials/services. Listed below are some of the many we provide. Please click the PDF Icon to Download our Traffic Management Profile to see our services and materials in more detail.


  • Pedestrian Guard Rail

  • Pedestrian Fence

  • Crash Barrier

  • Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA)

  • Crash Cushion CCSII

  • Crash Cushion CCSI

  • Avery Reflective Stickers

  • Road Traffic Sign

  • Delineators

  • SLED

  • Solar Warning Light

  • Strobe Revolving Light

  • Mini Light Bar

  • Small Light Bar

  • Big Light Bar

  • Sticker for Traffic & Safety Vehicle

  • Truck Mounted Arrow Board

  • Truck Mounted Message Board

  • Temporary Solar Traffic Lights

  • Small Solar Arrow Board 9Chevron)

  • Solar Arrow Board

  • Virtual Message Board (VMS)

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