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MICC Cables

Here at JNP Trading, we offer KME MICC Cables, due to their special composition, KME Mineral insulated Cables ensure maximum protection against fire and mechanical damage. The Mineral Insulated Cable is the safest choice for power and heating (prevention and protection from fire in industrial and civil applications) as well as for electrical heat tracing (industrial and building processes).


KME Mineral Insulated Cable is made of absolutely inert materials with mineral base and has the following properties:

  • An extremely high melting point, much higher than temperatures recorded in the presence of fire.

  • An extremely high durability due to the electrical and mechanical properties of the materials used

  • High mechanical resistance due to an outer metallic sheath and the high compression of magnesium oxide powder.

  • Good aesthetic qualities, improving over time due to the copper oxidation that provides a perfect “camouflaging” of the cable in historical and monumental buildings

  • Excellent pliability and workability, helping to greatly reduce insulation times.

  • High performance in terms of temperature resistance and strength of the sheath, if used as a heating cable.

  • Excellent corrosion resistance of the CuproNickel outer sheath for heating cables.


Advantages of Mineral Insulated Cables,

Fireproof: The MICO® power cable can withstand very high temperatures (higher than 1000°C), since all its components are inorganic. It can go on working during a fire, maintaining power to all emergency services, allowing all safety and protection measures within the building to be activated.

Waterproof: The mineral insulated metallic sheath and special IP67 waterproof fittings prevent the penetration of water, and dust towards the cores. The Mineral insulated cables are also suitable for outdoor applications or for installation under concrete if properly protected against Eddy current.

Mechanical strength: The metallic sheath acts as a protective screen, and therefore Mineral insulated cables can withstand extremely high mechanical stress such as crushing and curvature with a bending radius equal to 6 times the diameter of the cable.

High operating temperatures: The mineral insulated cable with a copper sheath (power and heating) can work at ambient temperatures of up to 250°C; the cable with a CuproNickel sheath can withstand up to 400°C; for higher temperatures, the lifetime of the cable lessens as it approaches the melting point of copper (1083°C).

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