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National Paints "Numix"

Numix is a car refinishing paint system specially designed to suit all brands and colours of vehicles. It has a complete system with a full range of product that provides superior and protective quality.

Numix is available in two systems; (1) Numix 1K Base Coat which can be over coated with 2K Top Coat Clear to give extra gloss and protection, (2) Numix 2K Top Coat with a glossy finish.

The system provides a complete variety of colour combinations that enables the user to obtain colours for different cars of all brands known in the world, through specially designed software. It is also possible to make RAL and BS colours in Numix paints.

Numix provides a unique and customer friendly solution for the vehicle repair and maintenance by using its rich inventory of accessories, Base Coats and Top Coats.

Please click the PDF Icon below to download our National Paint Numix Profile

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